Sabrina has always had a passion for learning about international criminal law, which stems from her upbringing in Indonesia. In Indonesia, her great-grandfather, the lead farmer of his village, was killed during the 1965 massacre by the Indonesian Army which targeted communist party members, sympathizers and bystanders. Learning about this event, which some have called a genocide, has inspired Sabrina to make this world a better place for people who have been the victims of atrocity crimes. Sabrina hopes to further this goal as a student attorney in the IHRC.

Sabrina received her law degree in Indonesia, but pursued her LL.M. at USC Gould in order to work internationally. While at USC, Sabrina joined Conocimiento USC as a volunteer for an immigration project over spring break in 2017; during the trip, her group explored the condition of Nogales, a border city in Mexico and Arizona, and provided humanitarian aid at the Buenos Aires Wildlife Refuge, leaving food and water for undocumented migrants. This experience bolstered Sabrina’s interest in learning more about immigration and human rights in the U.S.

While at USC, Sabrina has volunteered for the International Refugee Assistant Project (IRAP), helping an Afghan family obtain their special visa, Angelenos Reunited, a non-profit dedicated to reuniting migrant families and as a student representative in the USC Immigration Clinic. Sabrina spent the past two summers as a legal intern at the Los Angeles and Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, respectively. 

“I took an international criminal law class two years ago…[and] even though it was intense and sad what had happened to the victims, it makes you think what kind of steps that you can do to make this world is a better place for people that have a dream to live peacefully.”