Charles joins IHRC with over ten years of experience working as a union cameraman in the film and entertainment industry after graduating from Emerson College with a B.A. in Film Production. As a union worker, he fought for fair pay and workplace protections against some of the largest media companies. He is passionate about fighting against unjust corporate practices that encourage and support human exploitation around the world, and through the IHRC, hopes to learn how to hold these transnational companies accountable.

Charles also draws his passion for human rights work from his travel experience—France, Germany, Iceland, Singapore, and Indonesia, just to name a few—and engaging with different cultural and belief systems.

At USC Gould, Charles is a staff editor on the Southern California Law Review and runs two student organizations on campus as a Co-President: First Generation Professionals and Older Wiser Law Students. During his 1L summer, he worked at the NASA Office of the General Counsel, Ames Research Center.

“After reading about lawyers who fight against corporate practices like using child and forced labor in supply chains to source the cheapest materials possible, I began imagining a career fighting against these practices.”