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Prof. Hannah Garry wrote an opinion piece published Feb. 4 in The Hill titled, “Senate can help Ukraine by confirming Beth Van Schaack now.”

In the op-ed, Garry explains why Dr. Beth Van Schaack should be confirmed as the first woman U.S. Ambassador at Large for Global Criminal Justice: “With Van Schaack in office, the U.S. can provide pragmatic, targeted support to the [International Criminal Courts] prosecutor on specific cases that align with U.S. interests, seeking accountability for massive crimes such as those currently happening in Ukraine. For example, the U.S. can support the prosecutor’s office as it seeks to preserve evidence of crimes being documented by courageous individuals on the ground in the face of devastating expansion of the conflict and reports of war crimes, including Russia’s use of illegal, indiscriminate weapons and killing of civilians. As it has done in the past, the U.S. can further facilitate the prosecutor’s work through diplomacy, surrender of ICC fugitives to the court, and sharing of expertise, among other things,” she writes.