Mariam feels deeply compelled to contribute to the cause of human rights: her own upbringing and experience arriving in the U.S. as an immigrant made her acutely aware of widespread human rights violations around the world.

At UC Berkeley, Mariam worked as a student researcher at Berkely Law’s Human Rights Center, working with attorneys and journalists who were at the frontline of exposing human rights abuses around the world.

After graduating from UC Berkeley, Mariam went to work with the United Nations as an Open Source Investigations Fellow for the Myanmar Mechanism, facilitating training for UN attorneys and officers on how to utilize open source investigative methods. Mariam also worked as an immigration paralegal, which further ignited her passion for refugee rights.

At USC Gould, Mariam is president of the International Law and Relations Organization and a GSG Senator in SBA. During her 1L summer, she worked at an immigration law firm focusing on asylum and conducted international law research.

“As an immigrant who came to this country seeking asylum, I have a personal understanding of the challenges and struggles faced by refugees. The International Human Rights Clinic would be an incredible opportunity for me to make a meaningful impact in addressing some of the most serious human rights issues of concern today, both at home and abroad.”