Celine has a strong interest in addressing international human rights issues. Growing up, she spent time visiting relatives in the Philippines where she found interest in observing linguistic and regional differences as well as the legacies of Spanish and American colonialism. At the University of Richmond, Celine focused on global political and legal systems and French and Arabic language studies. She knew that language skills would help her to delve deeper into various topics such as refugees and migrants in France, the family code in Morocco, and higher education in francophone African nations.

With her multilingual background, Celine appreciates the importance of communication and language in an increasingly globalized world. To deepen her cross-cultural understanding, she also pursued a Fulbright grant in Morocco, where she taught at a university and learned about issues affecting her students, such as current events, sustainability, unemployment, and literacy. After her Fulbright, Celine gained experience as a paralegal in immigration law. She wants to continue to help people navigate the legal system and work to further global understanding with the IHRC.

Since starting at USC Gould, Celine has been involved with the Honors Scholars Program, Art Law Society, Womxn of Color Collective, and Asian Pacific American Law Student Association. Celine spent her 1L summer as a summer associate at Haynes Boones.

“As a law student, I continue to improve my understanding of how legal structures are critical to fostering strong societies. The Clinic’s work resonates with me because I aim to use my law degree to promote stability through international justice, utilize my language skills, and further develop my cultural proficiencies.”